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Re: Coil-over set-up

> Is there any knowledge of a coil-over application for a 91 200 TQ avant
> with a 92 S4 ft.end.  I am currently running turbogas and H&R springs.  It
> is an improvement over the stock setup but I am looking for some additional
> flexibility and performance.
> Dave at GPR was not able to help and I had no luck from Rons Parts.  Who
> else out there would be a good contact?

Call Carrera shocks (770.451.8811) and talk to Lex, kits will run
between $110-140/corner, including spring 2.5"...
Also, for Audi specific coilover kits, give a ring to Dialynx
((44)01793-772245)... about $800 complete...
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