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Re: Jamex airbox pics

Todd Phenneger wrote:

> Hmmmm,
>         But what about the hot/air thing.  I think I will stick with my
> own design.  Up here, we plop in a K&N filter, then drill holes in the
> airbox on the fender side of the box away from the engine.  This (in
> theory) brings in cool air and it sounds really nice too.

I can agree. I did this with my '92 100S... and it works and sounds great!! I
chose this route because:

1. The cone is more expensive.
2. The cone does away with the pre-heater hose that comes off the manifold
(especially important in cold winters... i.e. I don't live in FL or CA).
3. The cone would be sucking in hot air.

So, I vote for "swiss-cheesing" the box, on the "cold" fender side!!

> On my friends 4kq, without holes, it pulled a "little?" better up high and
> Fuel
> economy increased.  Not real sure about the power.   With the holes, it
> definately pulled better above 5k rpm.  And what a SWEET sound.  L8R

Hmm... I haven't "swiss-cheesed" the QSW yet... but will look into it...
especially before I take it out on the track, and run it up past 5k rpm... :-)

Yeah, with the K&N alone (with no holes), the I-5 sure does make some sweet
sounds.... I'm sure it will sound even better once I take the drill to the

That, combined with the low restriction muffler I just put on, will then be
providing me with some scrumptious "ear candy"!!

                             Jim Griffin
                          Maryland, USA
    "Perception is often stronger than reality!"
                        '92 Audi 100S
                   '87 VW Quantum Syncro