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List Members in European Car Magazine!


There are two red 200 quattros in the march edition of EC. My 91 200q,
and Igor's 89 200 q. Mine is featured in the "Super Buys" segment (near
the middle), and Igors is in the 'readers' cars' in the back.

Also, there is a full feature article on Duane Hale's 4ktq - A VERY well
put together car. One of the sharpest modifications I've seen. Having
spent the weekend playing chase with Duane at Thunderhill, I can report
the handling is very good (though the rear tends to break loose in heavy
puddles ;-)) and the acceleration is nearly on par with the modified 91
200q. I believe it is for sale, as well.  You can also make out Ron
Woods Ur-Q (85?) in the background of the flaming rings photo (long term
1.8tq update)

As far as my car goes; NOT for sale. :-) As far as the article goes; I
am confused. Before I start getting mail about the "Cannon air filter" I
have, well, - Could someone tell me where it is and what it looks like?
EC must have installed it at the photo shoot when I wasn't looking. The
famous Folgers test, I guess. "We've secretly replaced the K&N filter
this driver normally uses with a "Cannon" air filter. Lets see if he
notices..."  I didn't.

However, I wondered about this a minute, then this occurred to me: If
you say "K & N" without perfect, crytsal-clear enunciation, you have
word that sounds remarkably like "Cannon".

Leaving me to wonder: Is there such a thing? Sounds like a good brand
name: "Have a blast with Cannon air filters" "Explosive Acceleration;
Cannon Air Filters".  NOTE: not for use in Fieros.

Ahem, anyhew, hope everyone checks out the Performance Car mag this
month, as well as the European Car March Issue, they are both well worth
the time.



91 200q
86 5ktq

PS - I am in need of some 225/50/ZR16 tyres for the 91. I would like
something that would handle a little snow now and then. Currently I am
considering the BFG Comp TA ZR4, Nitto all season ZR, and the new
Michelin Pilot ZR all-season. Any other recommends? Any insight much
appreciated. TIA!