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New Performance Car Mag Issue an Audi lover's Must Have

Hi All,
	Check out the new issue of Performance Car (February '98) with a pic of
the Nissan Skyline and a title that says True Grip. It features the
following interesting articles.

1. News Blurb on VWs new Rally Golf GTI rally car
2. The Rise and Fall of 4Wheel Drive article explaining awd
3. 4 Better or Worse - Comparo between A6 2.8 and A6 2.8Q on wet and dry
4. Thriller Bs - Article on Group B Rally Racing and a pic of one of the
Group B Audis
5. Settling the Score - comparo of great affordable awd cars and the king
of them all a '90 UrQ 20V comparing it with a Lancia Integrale, Ford Escort
RS Cosworth, Nissan Skyline, Subaru Impreza Turbo
6. Mission Accomplished - A staff writer gets seat time in Biela's now
outlawed A4Q touring car, and some cool pics including a blurb called the
fab 4X4s showing audi's IMSA car, V8 DTM saloon, 80 quattro from French
Touring Car champoinship, and A4 Quattro from BTCC
7. Velvet Hammer - A4 2.8Q Long Term Wrap-Up with short blurb on S4 and
short blurb on Audi Specialists including Avantgarde, Oettinger, Caractere,
MTM, and Prosport
8. Rowdy Audi - Writeup on MTM and quattro Sports' Audi Cabriolet S2
Quattro specced to RS2 specs with a 0-60 in 3.9 seconds, RS2 airkit,
carrera rims, etc etc. Looks like a sweet car.

Okay, so the mag is $7.50 in the US and not all that thick, but with all
the audi content I justified it in my head.-G