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Re: Auto Transmission

Can someone recommend a sealer/stop leak for the auto trans?
My 89 100 Auto trans is leaking...apparently from the passenger side about
half way up in the vicinity of a +/- 3 inch round flat looking thingie.

I've been told the fix would involve pulling the tranny to replace the seal
and could cost $400 minimum. (Ouchh! )
What other work should I consider having done while the tranny is out?
	Replace other seals?
	Clutch packs?
I've changed the fluid before...using synthetic, but realizing this leaves
most of the old fluid still in there.
I hadn't even considered stop leak, but maybe it's worth a try?
  What brand?

Thanks for any help,
Dave C.
David Conner  Columbus, OH 
'87 5KS w/new timing belt, water pump, bomb, radiator, and cooling fan that
'89 100E 
'86 4KCSQ w/Koni Sport adj. & LOUD exhaust