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2 cars in Boston Globe(V8 Manual, S4)

Yep, a V8 Manual.
"Audi, 91, V-8, awd, 5sp, loaded, CD & Phone, 4 snows, lo mi, blk/gray
$18,900, 617-965-3703"

I want it!

"Audi '92 S4 Turbo Quattro, pearl white/blk lthr, 5sp, CD, phone, 89.6k mi,
22,000/BO (603)-668-1832x305, ask for Mark"

Eh...Pearl isn't my color :)  Seems there's always 1 S4 in the globe...If
there's interest in either the V8 or the S4, I can call and ask about stuff.

Oh, and a '95 90 Sport for $15.9k, "Perfect Car" <phhbbbt>
Being sold by "Natick Auto Clinic" w/28k miles.  No mention of Quattro.

There were almost 2 full columns of Audis in yesterday's globe...LOTS of
100's, 90's...a Rt.1 automile place claimed to have 27 90's and 100's on
the lot...surprisingly, _no_ 5000's!  I was amazed!  It seems that the
spectrum is shifting...


Brett Dikeman
Hostes alienigeni me abduxerunt.  Qui annus est?
Te audire non possum.  Musa sapientum fixa est in aure.
Ita, scio hunc 'sig file' veterem fieri.