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Re: List Members in European Car Magazine!

Just got mine in the mailbox yesterday, great issue! A must have for all Audi
fans. Was great to see no less than three (oops, stand corrected, thanks
Sarge...four) lister's cars in there.

Sarge-Gorgeous car!!! Yes, I wondered what a "Cannon" air filter was too...

Igor-Beautiful 200q!!! I will be curious to hear your long term comparisons
with your new A4q...

Duane-Wow!!! And it's for sale too? I can't wait to see what the next project
is if and when you sell this one...this one has gotta be up there on my list
of "dream q's" for sure!

Ron-If Sarge hadn't meantioned it I wouldn't have known...hard to see that
shiny red paint but I'll bet it's just as nice as the other three.

Congratulations to all four of you!

Also of particular interest (to me) was Bill Adams' article on the Hoppen S6.
Hearing his viewpoint (and hearing he owns a stock S6) on that car was very
interesting as he is a driver I have seen (and photgraphed) drive in many
races. Sounds like a stunning machine.

I still have lotsa reading and lookin' to do. This kind of publicity can only
improve the desirability of our favorite cars. Not sure if it is a good thing
from the aspect of scooping up bargains, but I think it is good for us to have
more enthusiasm generated by it along with the record sales of new cars. Nice
work overall EC...first time I have said that in a while (though the 911 issue
was good too).

Mike Veglia
87 5kcstq