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NOTE 01-22-98 12:53:40 PM

I have an 87 5000CS TQ with a hot starting problem.  The car always starts when
cold, but when the engine is hot and I shut the car off for a few minutes, it
does not want to re-start.  If I stop, shut the car off and then restart it
within a few minutes it is okay.  There seems to be about a 20 minute time
period during which the car does not want to restart after being shut off.
Once the engine has cooled down a little, the car starts without hesitation.
This is especially frusterating when I go to get gas, or anywhere I have to
shut the car off for a few minutes.  I am thinking that it may be leaking fuel
injectors, but would like to explore other possibilties before spending the
money.  My car currently has 160K miles on it, uses no oil and runs great other
than the hot start problem.  Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
 Eric Coulier