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Re: List Members in European Car Magazine!

Ed Kellock wrote:

> I was not overly impressed with the content of the main article (the
> super buys part).  The article covered too broad a range with too little
> specific detail.  Except for the half dozen references to those
> _dreaded_ "ring brakes"...  Oh my!  Overall, it is a great tribute to
> Audi though.
> Ed


I had hoped for more glowing driving impressions and coverage of the
dynamic improvements made in the 91 200q particularly. I didn't ever get
the impression that Ray Thursby was that excited about Audi in the first
place. Not that he was a detractor, just not so much a proponent.  Les
Bidrawn flung my car around the track for a few hot laps and was overall
very much the Audi quattro enthusiast. I had expected he would write the
article. Had he, I suspect it would have read a bit more enthusiastic; less
a 'charting of the changes', and more descriptive 'driving impressions'.

Ah, but I have nothing to complain about. :-)

Finally, thanks again to Paul Timmerman for hooking me up in the first
place to have this opportunity. Thanks Paul!!