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Re: '875kCSQ Hot starting problem

 # I have an 87 5000CS TQ with a hot starting problem.  The car always starts when
 # cold, but when the engine is hot and I shut the car off for a few minutes, it
 # does not want to re-start.  If I stop, shut the car off and then restart it
 # within a few minutes it is okay.  There seems to be about a 20 minute time
 # period during which the car does not want to restart after being shut off.
 # Once the engine has cooled down a little, the car starts without hesitation.

Yes, you have hit on one possibility, that the injectors are leaking.  
This causes a loss of fuel pressure in the system.  Two other faults 
that can cause the same problem are failures of the return check valve 
in the fuel pump or the pressure accumulator.  I don't recall ever 
hearing of anyone having to replace the fuel pressure accumulator 
though ...

Another possibility is that you are getting vapor lock because the 
injector cooling blower is not working.  This blower is located on 
the left side of the engine block and has a black corrugated duct 
that connects to a fan shaped nozzle that blows cool air on the 
injectors on the right side of the engine.

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)