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Turkey sound - update?

Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you guys (& girls?).

I changed my belts (alt, ps, a/c) on my C-GT, and 
while I was there (since you gotta loosen the PS 
pump anyway), I pulled the timing cover off to have 
a looksee.

Guess what I found?

The waterpump shaft protrudes further than the stock 
one, and was touching the timing cover (actually, 
pressed very hard against it).  It was machining 
a hole in it (eventually)!!  Made a nice little 
groaning (or something) type of sound.

My car is _much_ quieter, now that I put a washer on the 
stud that the "spacer" goes onto, under the cover, that 
the "allen nuts" screw onto.

Isn't that great?!!!  Maybe some of you guys will have 
similar luck!

Let me know if you do.  Aaaah, relief.

It took my friend replacing his 4kcsq timing belt/water pump 
and complaining about the noise (and noticing mine makes 
the same noise) for me to find out.  I haven't told him 
yet, so maybe it'll solve his problem as well.

BTW, he bought a water pump from TPC (ex-IPC), and the 
first one they sent out didn't work.  I forgot the failure 
mode, maybe it leaked.  Anyway, Rod made it better and 
sent out an new (albeit currently noisy) one for him.



p.s.  I need a '86+ 5k turbo motor, now!  Help!  I'm serious!