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RE: List Members in European Car Magazine!

people are saying:
>  I have found so many typos, misprints, etc. in their mag
>lately it just doesn't surprise me that they would replace K&N with
>Cannon and not even notice it.  I still like their mag though. :^)
>> I've never heard of a
>>"Cannon" air filter. Has anyone else?
>>> Yes, I wondered what a "Cannon" air filter was
>>> too...
>>> I think a "Cannon" air filter might a misinterpretation of "K&N",
>>> probably due to a spoken relay of information at some point.

saying "K and N" quickly or with a drawl is very similar to "cannon".
"cannon" sounds like a performance product to me!!!
what the hell is a "kaynen"?  =8)

i'm sure EC has a few employees without grease stains who wouldn't know
any better...