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Re: WAX / ZYMOL ?'s

Derek Daily wrote:

> (3)  Purchased Zymol liquid at local parts place (Yeah...I know there
> are some qualms about this...i.e. that stuff is weak, buy the _real_
> Zymol from ?  BUT, it's still the first time a paid over $15 for a
> bottle of wax, it should be better than most)

It's not. It lasts about as long as it takes to put on. :-( DO NOT waste
your money on that stuff.

> Thanks for your ideas,
> Derek Daily
> 90 CQ with specks...

First off, what color is the paint? It makes a difference. What works
well on one color is not so hot on another. BTDT.

Generally excellent products:

*Start* with a clay removal system. Meguiar's is very good. This will
smooth the surface like nothing else. removes tar, overspray, etc.
EXCELLENT product.

Cleaning the paint/oxidation (use once a year):
 Meguiars Body Scrub - Excellent
 Klasse all-in -one - available from Herrington Catalog, my local Audi
dealer (Hoehn - see autoweek)

Cleaner wax:
 Megiars Cleaner Wax - available anywhere - sometimes at Price Club/
Sam's Club Use bi-yearly or as appropriate

Non-Cleaner wax/finishing wax:
 Mother's Yellow Carnuba Paste EXCELLENT on Tornado Red cars w/o
clearcoat (after using cleanerwax/etc above) 2 coats is very nice. more
is better BT, Doing That).
 Meguiar's Medallion - excellent on lago blue/emerald green cars (BTDT)

 Eagle One Wet - also excellent, and a little easier to use than
meguiar's medallion.

Black plastic/ Bumper Trim:
 Mother's Back to Black is very nice - looks like tanning oil, smells
nice, lasts soso. Does not plasticise liek Armor All.

 Zymol leather cleaner/conditioner combo pkg available in pep boys. I
like it better than lexol - the cleaner works better and the conditioner
is less greasy/hard, and smells very nice.

Hope this helps.