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Re: List Members in European Car Magazine!


Great to meet you down at the Thunderhill event, nice car you have
there....I still miss my old Tornado Red 5000T from several years
ago......congratulations on the EC coverage....

> Also, there is a full feature article on Duane Hale's 4ktq - A VERY >well put together car. One of the sharpest modifications I've seen. >Having spent the weekend playing chase with Duane at Thunderhill, I can >report the handling is very good (though the rear tends to break loose >in heavy puddles ;-)) 

Duane sure knows how to drive that thing, and yes, it handles incredibly
well, one of the great rides I had at the event!

>and the acceleration is nearly on par with the modified 91 200q. 

Yes, it must be due to the MAC11 ECU with the 2.5 bar PT I sent him a
few weeks ago. :^) sorry...I couldn't resist.....It sure ran well after
his cat convertor was removed and gutted around noon on Saturday.
Apparently several months ago he noticed some flaming objects shooting
out of his tailpipe during hard acceleration after running some high
octane fuel. The cat honeycomb material had broken loose and rotated to
completely block out the exhaust flow which resulted in 0 boost output.

After the cat convertor problem was solved, I installed a slightly
stiffer waste gate spring which helped the initial boost response as
well. The lighter weight of the 4000TQ sure helps in the acceleration

Much thanks to all the Calif. listers who helped make the event happen.

Scott Mo.
Portland, OR