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RE: UrQ Fire Warning and CAUTION!

<My wife arrived home about 15 minutes after I did and came inside to tell me 
<that a wisp of smoke was coming from the hood of my 85 UrQ.  By the time I got 
<to the garage, there was a lot of smoke.  As I popped the hood, flames leapt up 
<from underneath the intake manifold, near the turbo.  Recognizing the smell of 
<an electrical fire, I immediately disconnected the battery and hit the area 
<with a short blast from my halon fire extinguisher (the BEST automotive 
<extinguisher banned several years ago by the tree huggers, but that's another 
<thread...) and the excitement stopped. I'm certain that my wife's timely 
<arrival saved me from a VERY unfortunate event.

Very lucky! I'm glad you avoided what could have been a major conflagration!

PRECAUTION: If you even suspect the remotest possibility of any type of car fire
*DO NOT PULL THE CAR INTO THE GARAGE!!!!!!!!*  (or even close to it or your home)
I have seen the most unpleasant result$ first hand.....