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suspension help?

Attention suspension guru's...

Does anyone have insight into differences of struts/springs/stops. 
for the 88 thru 91 vintage 80/90/20V series.  

I just changed the struts on our '90 80q to BOGE Turbo Gas and 
am less than impressed with the results.  I'm wondering if there are 
in fact stronger springs on the 90 and/or 9020V cars.  (on which 
others have been very pleased with the results of the BOGE's)

I'm looking to improve the ride/control on mainly rural (bad) 2-lanes.
The front struts are no better than the ones I removed (OEM BOGE
I've been very satisfied to the results of Bilstein's, Tokiko's, and KYB's
(along with mixed results with "normal replacement" shocks/struts) on 
various other vehicles.  

Did I buy the wrong struts, or do I need to replace the springs also for
this model?

Any advice would be appreciated!  TIA