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Japan trip report

Kawasaki - Fujitsu
Numazu - Fujitsu

Automobiles observed:

1x Audi
1x Taurus
1x MB c200
1x MB with chrome wheel arches and other ultra-tacky accessories (yeech!)
1x Bentley (at a body shop - no evidence of damage - already fixed?)
1x Vette
1x Mini

Not observed:
so-called SUVs
sewer-pipe exhaust systems or tips, are these mostly Japanese products 
only  marketed to Puertoricans and Mexicans in North America?

General observations:
many many many taxis
taxis are pressurized-gas powered, very small engines with severe NVH,
high-revs required for only mediocre power, trunks filled with 'bombs', climate control
switchgear looks to be from early 80s subarus, though these were new taxis,
drivers competent, capable and courteous, taxis always very very clean and drivers
well dressed (no New Yawk cabs or cabbies here!), taxi drivers drive fast and well above posted limits
most civilian drivers very courteous, little use of the horn except as a signal to others to go ahead
many yellow headlights, more than I remember in france 10 years ago
many many foglight/DL BONEHEADS, no correct or judicious use such as in Germany, much like US
almost all drivers dip to citylights when waiting at stoplights (as do I)
Mt. Fuji is *stunningly beautiful* when the sno-covered peak is in the sun - awesome!
Bullet trains are smooth, quiet and FAST, little perception of actual speed except
when passing another train in the opposite direction and then the pressure differential is
most severe and results in a major shockwave - approach speed - ~500KmPH?
All our hosts and hotel and restaurant people were very courteous and capable and a
joy to do business with

Audis very rare indeed
many roads outside the cites are only 1-car wide but are bi-directional, very exciting!
the people are great
the food is great
the service is great
the top-line hotels are world-class
I look forward to my next visit
Kirin Black is excellent brew
it would be way-cool to have a big Harley or a big-block T/A in Japan!