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Re:WAX / ZYMOL ?'s

I never tried Meguiar's or ZYMOL, but I have tried Liquid Glass and their Pre-
in concert with a good automotive car-wash concentrate.  It's a three step job
and not exactly cheap, but I was very pleased with the results.  Wash first,
apply Pre-Cleaner, apply L.G. and hand-buff.  My paint was very bright, very
glossy, and I didn't have any problems with wax buildup or strange speckling
afterward.  It also seems to last quite a while and resists road grime.  The
next two washes all I did was clean and dry, and it still looked very good,
even the lower parts of the air dams, the side skirts, and the areas near the
wheel wells.  YMMV.

Best Wishes,