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RE: Road Rage, Safety, etc. a fix!

<What we really need in the US is a good ol' fashion recession to clear 
up the roads of all the inexperienced drivers and rolling automotive 

Not sure how recession helps.  An economic downturn will not change the 
experience level of drivers out there.  It will however lower new car 
sales, fewer technologically advanced cars on the road.  It will keep 
more used/older cars on the road as it will be less expensive to keep vs 
buy.  It will keep those at the margin from making costly/ necessary 
repairs to the cars they currently do have increasing the chance for 
mechanically caused mishaps and environmental pollution.

Mike  also not 1/2 :)
Former inexperienced driver and operator of less than pristine but 
better (usually) than debris automotive examples

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Get Your Private, Free Email at http://www.hotmail.com