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Re: Road Rage, Safety, etc

On Thu, 22 Jan 1998 18:16:39 EST, DaveNcj wrote:

>I just read the Road Warrior article in the new QQuarterly, and would like to
>hear the general concensus from anyone interested.
>First let me say that essentially all of what is decribed is outright
>obnoxious behavior for which there is no excuse.  I think we all agree that
>safety on the highway (and the track, too!) is numero uno priority-wise. 
>[ ... ]
>That being said, I submit that a popular cause for "road rage" is the
>frustration generated by the majority of drivers' lack of knowledge of
>driver's etiquette and guidelines (laws, or long-assumed assumptions). 
>[ ... ]

I predict that most q-listers share these sentiments. Unfortunately, the
safety and law enforcement establishments have tunnel vision and
are only capable of seeing speed and driving under the influence of
alcohol as significant issues.  That inept or brain-dead operation of
motor vehicles generates enormous anger on the roadways and
is a major safety problem is completely missed by the squinty-eye set.
Since it's not in the training manuals, it just ain't gonna' register on
those tiny brains.

I note the author of the QQuarterly article you cite is a National
Highway Safety bureaucrat. The vacuous, narrow mindedness
of his pitch is a perfect example.

DeWitt Harrison   de@aztek-eng.com
Boulder, CO