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Q-list plug - (was: List Members in European Car)

Yes, I just hope I haven't opened the flood gates. (cringe) I know we all get
mucho mail off this list as it is. What's the consensus? Was the q-list plug a
good idea or not?

With Audi's current direction and our enthusiasm I would predict that our
'circle' of enthusiasts might expand at some point to take on the look/feel of
the P-Club/BMW club/MB club. A step up? The good with the bad, I s'pose. Hope I
didn't do the wrong thing there...



Sean & Tammy Ford wrote:

> Personally, I loved the reference to the Q-list at the bottom of Sarge and his
> 200's bio... that should get the ranks of the q-list right back up there to
> pre-list-corruption time!
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