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Re: help resuscitate an old Audi

No, that's not a fair price. A rebuilt rack should cost around $250. The
headlight switch & headliner are both available used cheap. The hydraulic
system on this car is an evil Nazi plot that probably dates back to Hitler &
the SS. Knowing that they would lose the war, they designed a car that yuppie
Jews would buy in the 80's which would drive us to the brink of suicide trying
to fix. Sorry about that. Regardless, try Brandywine Foreign Auto

steveb@cme.nist.gov wrote:

> Hi everyone,
> I'm a new list member.  Sorry to bomb the list with this question,
> but the web page search engine is down and there are hundreds of
> messages in the archive; I just can't read them all.
> I have an '85 5000S (5sp) that I inherited and I need to get it through
> Maryland inspection.  It "only" has 112k miles, but there's quite
> a laundry list of things I need to fix to get it to pass inspection.
> I need some advice on several of them:
> - steering rack.  Seems to be leaking inside the boots on the inner
>   end of the boot.  (Both sides).  Shop is quoting me $750 for a rebuilt
>   rack, not counting labor.  Fair price?  What's the best source for
>   these?  I saw the writeup of the replacement procedure and it looks
>   doable but more than I want to get into without a garage to work in.
>   How many hours labor should I expect?
> - other hydraulic items:
>    - hydraulic fluid appears to be being pushed out the reservoir cap.
>    - there's a possible leak underneath the brake booster/master cylinder
>      junction.
>    - one shop thought the pump might be overpressurizing the system?
>    - what's a reasonable cost to get all this fixed?
>    - who designed this thing anyway?
> - front wheel bearings
>    - what's a good parts price?  How many hours labor?
> - drum brake cylinder leaking -
>    - I've never worked on drum brakes before.  Can I just replace the
>      cylinder, or ...?
> - The headlight lever is broken off.  You can still turn the lights on
>   and off but of course it doesn't pass inspection.  They're quoting me
>   over $300 for the whole switch assembly.  Time to try a salvage yard
>   I guess, unless anyone's got an old worn out switch that I can pull
>   the lever from?
> - The headliner is sagging.  I was going to try tacking it up with those
>   corkscrew-shaped upholstery pins, but the insulation seems to be tougher
>   than the pins I bought.  In a past (Saab) life, I found that the 3M
>   spray-on adhesives don't seem to work that well.  Other ideas?
> - Anyone in the Rockville, MD area care to volunteer some garage space
>   and Audi expertise if I decide to take any of this on myself?
> No, it wasn't meticulously maintained like most of the listmembers' cars.
> It's otherwise in very good shape; once I get these problems ironed out,
> I should have a real Audi again.
> Thanks.  Sorry if these are in an FAQ somewhere; I did look for it first!
> Steve