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RE: Removing Catalytic Converters

>Can anyone provide accurate (ie tested) figures for bhp increases =
>resulting from removing catalytic converters from engines such as
>280bhp =
>4.2 V8 or 230bhp 2.2 turbo?

To get an measureable power increase you probaly have to change your
chip settings. I have seen claim of 2-5 % increase in engine output
(S6 V8 engine) doing so by just exchange the rear exhaust pipe with a
sport exhaust pipe. (After changing airfilter and a new chip, this is
the extra increase availible)

Why do not take the full upgrade by changing your rear exhaust pipe
and replacing your airfilter with a free flow filter. + of course
adjusting your chip settings and still retain your "clean exhaust".

Superchip claim about 35 hp increase with just changing the airfilter
and replace the chip. But talking to persons who have done the same
thing on a S6 V8 engine plus changing the rear exhaust pipe claim
about 25 hp increase.

So much for Superchip claims :-)

But the same people also telling me that the cars responded much much
faster at low rpm where you got an big increse in tourque.
How mutch they didn't tell.  :)

John Torset
Amiga 4000