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RE: Brake proportioning valve urq vs. 4kq?

<The brake proportioning valve under the master cylinder on a urq looks
<exactly the same as the one found in the same spot on a 4kq.  Are they the

This _may_ be true as the ur-q and 4KQ hydraulic systems are very similar, but, 
there might be a diff in the valve though due to different tahrs and different weight 
distribution F&R.

<I want to replace the part on our urq along with the master cylinder in
<prep. for PIR next month.  Someone recommended just taking the valve out,
<but I'm not sure.

Only replace it if it is leaking. I would *not* recommend eliminating it in any case,
it does serve a critical purpose, unlike cup holders.....

<BTW, I have all the brake parts of a 5ktqw at my disposal.  I'd like to use
<as much of that stuff as possible because a new proportioning valve is $75
<from Halsey!!

The 5KTQW valve is likely different given the different weight, weight distribution,
disc size and wheel and tahr sizes.