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Re:Q-list plug?

Sargent Schutt wrote:

>What's the consensus?  Was the q-list plug a good idea or not?

While I would never arrogate to myself the status of being a one-man
consensus (yeah, right says the tomato-lobbing crowd) ;-), I think the
plug was a good thing.  Lots of people who have Audis and computers
still don't know the List exists - I just told a former co-worker about it
today on the phone.  Most of these people are still paying through the
nose, groping around in the dark for answers, etc.   The more the

(Note:  I usually have some extra time at work to devote to responding to
Qlisters, so I love it...YMMV...and I _do_ love the stories and different
perspectives, etc., etc.)

One thing - if the List _is_ going to be deluged with traffic, I sure hope
that the Search Engine gets going again soon.  Maybe we should get
together and send Dan a little "incentive" and "thank you"  in the form of
a case of his favorite liquid refreshment for all of the work...how much
easier could he make it for us than putting a picture of it on the

Whaddya think?

Best Wishes,