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Re: S4 v. A41.8tq debate

>>> William J Murin <murin@uwp.edu> 01/23/98 07:19PM >>>
Her in the greater Chicago area market there is one S6 wagon For sale
I know of.  Asking prices is $39,000.  I know anyone can ask anything
want but--- I wonder if the new-found popularity of our cars is going
price some of us out of the market.<<<

Patience is a virtue my friend!  Just looked at a '90 Q45 that guy was
asking $7000.  Everything comes down, if you have time:)

The Audis I looked at in the Chicago area at dealers seemed to be some
of the highest anywhere.  Interesting to know [if it was a dealer]
what the trade-in pay was.  No doubt they are popular though.