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S4 Tranny Whine

Well folks, I bought an S4-the 94 from Don Lindall of German Auto Works
in Minn. MN. He told me the car was real clean and mechanically sound.
37K Miles and Emerald Green/Ecru, . I fly in, take a look at it in a
dark garage (KAR-Kent Anderson shares the place) and it seems ok. A
whole lot of trust is going on here.

Well, Caveat Emptor applies. I bought the puppy. Drove it here to
and found that the car has had a front end accident, hood des not fit
really well, and the gearbox has a whine in first gear only. Other than
that it is ok. It definitely has the rust of a east coast car (Maryland)
on the exhaust etc. Overall I love the car, but finding the pimples on
the ass is not fun and makes me feel a little too trusting and in not
smart for not checking out the car completely and taking the time to do
so. Oh well. Makes the bed and lays in it.

I paid a decent price hence my going all the way to MN., but I wish the
car had been properly represented.

Rusnak Audi has diagnosed the problem (so far) as bearings on a shaft
gone bad.
Replace the Trans they say.

We will see if Don will stand behind the car. He says he will, but the
truth will arrive
when the gearbox is opened next week. Stay tuned.

Audi may pay for some or all of it, Don better pay for the rest. We'll

Has anybody on the list had tranny problems with their S4's?

I missed the recent thread on S4 gearboxes.


PAul Rivera
83 Ur-Q
91 200 TQW
93 S4
94 S4