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re: 20V CQ noise ...

You wrote:
<<'90 (?) 20V Coupe Quattro with ~115K on the clock.  Apparently

	it makes a fairly noticeable "bearing-like" noise when the engine

	is revved from idle to about 1800 rpm.  No noise above that, or

	when decelerating.  All this with the transmission in neutral ..

		I thought this might be the well-known distributor rattle,

	but aren't those symptoms somewhat different?

		Any help would be appreciated !


I've heard that it could be two things:  
1) the dohc at the rear of the head uses a chain to connect the cams et al;
this can get loose over time and rattle.
2) the timing belt can be too loose, allowing the rattle.

No experience with either, just suggestions.
Chris Miller, Windham NH, c1j1miller@aol.com, '91 200q, no rattles