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Re: I was took...

>I spent $1500 repairing the head gasket, water pump, replaced valves, some kind of >converter (I know nothing of cars) and other schtuff.

Stop going to the dealer first.  It costs too much...

> My door wouldn't open so I took the door panel off to see if I could tweak it - I > found a stick holding up the window - not a piece of wood, a stick from a tree.

so you need a used window regulator

>the transmission fluid drained


>the lights don't work - I have to use the bright lights

busted multi function switch?  used like $50-75, not hard to replace

>I don't have break lights

check the bulbs, the grounds, the switch at the brake pedal

>the air blows but not cold and not hot

others ahve dealt with this...

>three windows do not roll down

make that a window regulator and maybe some switches or more

>the mechanic who fixed my car said I need a new exhaust system

yeah, well, they would.

>the temp gauge doesn't work

sensor bad?  wiring not continuous?  gauge ground bad?

>the odometer doesn't work 

you're not going anywhere, this doesn't matter yet

>and there's no radio.

see comment above.

OK, so why as a non mechanical person did you buy a car that had all
these flaws requiring repair?  I mean that sympathetically.  You could
spend a lot fixing these things, or go slow, read the archives, get some
assistance/honest mechanic in your area (where are you?) and perhaps
have a fairly decent operating car within another $1500 of now.  At
least you found this list, it's a gold mine of information and helpful

Now, just to make me feel less of a fool, this laundry list of
everything that can go wrong except the rack leaking and bomb not
working (never mind...) with an Audi, this isn't a hoax, right?

Huw Powell


82 (+/-) Audi Coupe