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Re: A4 1.8q vs S4

>1) you can make the 1.8 perform better. Just pick up the recent EC and you
>have a handful of tuners that can offer you as much as 350bhp, 330 mm AP
>brake kits, different suspension and wheels. If you do the math you can see
>that it will cost less than buying the S4. You may miss out on a six speed,
>but oh well.

>From what I've seen on magazines, a tuned-out 1.8t has one heck of a turbo
lag. Very boggy if you don't rev it high, and will feel like 1.8 liter
engine it is if you're not in the high RPM. Some issues of drivability
comes around here... If you're going to race it, then it's probably fine.
But what if you're trying to go to your neighborhood grocery shop?

If I'd want something for everyday driving, I think I'd go for the S4 with
its 2.7 V6. If you wanna race, then the 1.8t will probably have weight
advantage after all the upgrades.

On the other hand, I'd like to see how much can you get out of that
twin-turbo'ed V6. More than what 1.8t can give?

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