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Re: Re: I was took...

In a message dated 1/23/98 10:33:27 PM, you wrote:

<<> New member here..I'm a woman and I think I was had.  I purchased an '87
Audi for $800.
> Is it worth it?????

Well, sure, you got a good deal.  For someone who knows Audis and loves
to work on them...

You're either going to need a true friend or a good honest mechanic (not
saying yours isn't, but you'll need one).  Since working properly your
car is worth, say 3k to 5k depending on condition (wild guess, sorry),
it could be reasonable to spend the difference to make it so.  Spoken
like a confirmed addict, I know.

$800 for an 87 5K?  Sounds like my kind of deal.  Were you taken?  Perhaps.
I've purchased cars that had problems that I'm sure the owner knew about but
didn't tell.

Personally you may have a good car there.  I buy all sorts of used Audis that
need a bit of fixing up.  I bought an 84 Avant in good shape, leather interior
and all extras, for $250.  I put in about $600 and sold it for $2200.  I can't
stand to see an otherwise good car be scrapped while still within visual sight
of life.  I agree with others not to take the thing to the dealer.  If you
have a friend who is mechanically inclined, or yourself perhaps, a lot of the
work you described yet to do is not too difficult.

You've spent $2300 to this point, that is not bad.  I'd say get the essentials
done first and then do the other things as time suits you.  these cars do
require some patience, but once in shape are really great and fun.

I'll tell you what, I have a spare original Audi stereo that I'll donate to
the cause if you like, it's not doing me any good taking up space.  E-mail any
of us if you have any specific questions.

Johann Pahlmann

(2) 87 Turbo Quattros  (one for sale soon)
87 Avant
84 Turbo
84 Porsche 928S