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88 90q suspension question


I took my 88 90q in for an alignment today.  I must have knocked the
back end silly playing rally driver here in Denver.

The shop called and said that my front left strut mount was broken.

Upon further inquiry, they said that with the car off the ground, you
can lift the wheel up and down a good inch and a half.  I discovered
this myself a few months back, but a call to my mechanic assured me that
this was normal...  This mechanic had just a month or three previous
installed new struts all around.

My question, obviously, is such a behavior normal?  As you may have
guessed, the car is going to a DIFFERENT mechanic next Tuesday, but I
thought I'd ask the experts first.

Second question:

On my other 88 90, non-q, the hydraulic ( or is it fluid filled?) engine
mount is in need of replacement.  Is there a cheaper, non-fluid filled
replacement tat doesn't cost $150?  Has anyone BTDT on the driveway who
can guide me through it?  SHould I leave this up to a DIFFERENT

Any Denver area Qlisters that want to earn a free pizza and beer and
help me through it?

Could you post answers to the list- I'll only have web access through
this week...

Go Broncos!
(and take the Nuggets with you...)