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Re: Hard Start- Help?

Kerry Griffith wrote:
> Hi Folks,
> My mom reports her 5k requires copious amounts of cranking in order to
> start. She's had the car "fixed" several times by a local mechanic, but no
> improvement. She claims it is hard starting cold, hot, and warm, but as my
> dad died recently this may or may not be reliable info. Leaky injectors?
> accumulator? Any help would be greatly appreciated. TIA
> Kerry
> 91 200q
> 89 80q

I had diffuculty starting my '87 5KCSTQ.  The dealer told me the turbo
Audis have a longer crank time(??).  OK maybe, but not the 7-8 seconds
of grinding mine needed.  I started with the fuel pump check valve since
it was cheaper to do.  That did nothing.  I finally had all the
injectors replaced.  It was expensive ($500-600), but the car starts
immediately.  Good luck.