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Re: '88 5ksq-Pwr Seat Switch

At 01:39 PM 1/24/98 -0500, you wrote:
>        Looking for info on the power seat adjustment switch(Joystick and
>paddle unit), for a 88 5ksq. My driver seat will not move back (rest of
>movements are fine). 1)Looks like a PITA to dissassemble-anyone BTDT?  2)Is
>it truly a GM part? If so what models?  How $$$ to replace?
>        Memory does move the seat back (fortunately I saved a full back
>position)-so I am 99% sure it is the switch...

They are a pain - you have to unsolder them. Remove seat, turn upside down.
Best is to go to a junkyard and remove one froma crappy seat. Since I've
swapped 91 seats into my 87 (and swapped the harnesses) - I can definetely
say the switches are the same 87 to 91...

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