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In message <01bd291a$3e96ca40$LocalHost@default> "Ian J Haseltine" writes:

> A week or so ago I expressed the view that the bodyshop would have a h*ll of
> a job matching the metalic black paint on your car. I now realise that the
> job is actually a piece of p*ss, once you've driven it for a few days no
> body will be able to see a difference - so they dont have to match it do
> they?

You should have seen it when they took it away ...

Roger and I had done the 'three meetings in an evening' stunt the week
before, and both the start and end are in agricultural areas.  The
sides were pretty well sprayed, and some of it was mud.

I'm really not sure what colour it is.  The documents say "Midnight Blue
Metallic" - on a moonless night, perhaps.  Most people agree with you
and think it's black - but the bodyshop's estimate says it's grey.

I'm going to try and get the door rings removed.  Then only the grill
will identify it as an Audi.

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