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Syntec + S4 service

I'm amassing parts for the old 60K mile service on my '93 S4. Just got the
canton mecca oil filter a week ago and picked up a couple cases of 5W-50
Syntec at Costco today, $22.50 for a 6 pack. It will go in with F5DPOR's,
new timing belt, new serpentine belt, etc, etc.. I'll keep the list posted
on any leaks springing up. Also I want to do redline in the tranny as well
as rear diff. I know this has been discussed on the list before, but have
there been any conclusions as to the use of Redline in the S4 drivetrain
(also how many quarts of each on the tranny and the diff)? What to use in
there? Recent threads have discussed the use of redline in the 200 / S4
tranny, but the end result was that these tranny's were not the same. Also
is there a center bearing that would like to be lubricated on this
particular model?


Just changed the oil in my S4 and my Avant to Syntec 5W50.
Sure like the way it sounds at cold start.
Hope my seals don't start leaking like Mobil 1 did to my Mercedes and my
Peugeot.Pulled the plugs on the 94 S4 and found Champions inside. Yecchh!
F5DPOR's made a world of difference. Onward Ho!Paul Rivera83 Ur-Q91 200
TQW93 S4
94 S4