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O.K., what did I do to this one?

In message <34CA9546.6E81@mm.com> Colin Hames writes:

> 	Did you try a new fuel pump relay?  That little gismo has a lot of
> responsibility if I am not mistaken ( Frequency valves, cold start,
> wastegate solonoid, etc ).  

Your are.  It's wired in parallel with the warm-up regulator, but doesn't 
control the other stuff. 

> 	Try a engine off diagnostics ( sounds like that is what you are stuck
> with ).  If you have a factory manual the instuctions are in there.  If
> you have a manual or already know about this, I apologize for going on
> about it.  
> 	Turn the key on ( not cranking ) and bridge the fuel pump relay ( in
> fuse box ) with a spare fuse for a least 4-5 seconds and remove it.  The
> check engine will flash while you are doing this.  The fuel pump should
> start and continue running. You can repeat that procedure, I think 5
> times, for other switches that the fuel relay controls.

Fuse in _before_ ignition on.

 Phil Payne
 Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club