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Re: FS: 1985 turbo 4000sq

Michael Hogan <mikhogan@stic.net> wrote on Thu, Jan 22, 1998 at 02:17:26AM -0600:
> Where did you ever find a rebuilt fuel pump?  I forked out $180 for a
> new
> Bosch replacement for my 87 Coupe GT.

Thank you for confirming that I have been had.  Now I understand that
mechanic charged me $200 for a fuel pump from a junkyard.  On the other
hand, when your car dies at 3am on a highway, you are grateful that
it is fixed in 1 day.  Oh well...

Some time last year on of the listers mentioned that Audi never left
him stranded.  Well, I got about 2 minutes hickup warning.