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Re: '87 5KTQ performance trouble

Douglas Hurst Quebbeman wrote:
> > I am looking for some answers regarding my '87 5TKQ (150,000 miles).
> I have an '86 5KcsTQ, basically, the same engine.
> > I am currently experiencing some driveability/performance troubles that
> > myself and the dealer have been unable to resolve.
> >    My first problem is the car starts to stumble about a minute after a
> > cold start.  This continues until it is fully warmed up.  Even after is
> > warms up there is very mild surging at partial throttle.  I have tried a
> > warm regulator from '88 5KT that is running fine and that didn't help.
> By "warm regulator" do you mean the control pressure regulator?
> Or, do you mean the Idle Stabilization System?
> >  Second,  the car very rarely  exceeds 1.2 bar of boost.  Once in  a
> > while it seems to run great (1.4 bar I think is normal) only to return
> > to it's pokey state after a couple miles or after restarting the car.
> I've only seen 1.4 bar once or twice since I bought my Q last
> October. Most listers seem to indicate that this is normal.
> > The throttle switch and ECU have been replaced and also various breather
> > hoses so there shouldn't be any vacuum problems.
> > Occasionally the check engine code 2141 for knock sensing comes on.  I
> > have tried all grades of fuel so I don't know what to think there.
> Ok, I was getting q 2142 for a while. I started tracing the wiring
> harness that leads to the knock sensor. I "jiggled" the wiring
> anywhere that it passed through a grommet or cable tie. The code
> went away, so an intermittant break was causing my problem.
> I got a bit more performance back after I cleared up that code.
> Hope that helps,
> Doug
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Pressure regulator.  There doesn't seem to be any problem with idle.
Thanks for the input on what is considered 'normal'.  I might be
expecting to much.  Do the automatic turbos load the turbo better?  I
had one and it ran 1.4 bar most of the time.  Oh well.

87 5KTQ