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Re: Oil overpressure

In a message dated 1/25/98 3:06:16 AM, quk@isham-research.demon.co.uk writes:

>>      I intend to have the head reworked.  Been checking with Bob at Shine
>> Racing Service.  At the moment I am not planning to have the head ported,
>>just gasket matched - unless it is the concensus of several  Q-listers 
>>that porting is necessary.  My thought is that the porting would probably
>> move the power UP the rpm band, and there is not enough low end now.  
>>Comments welcome (or if you remember where you made the comments
>> before send me a date and I'll check the archives).
>Don't.  If you port the head, you have to tell the ECU to shove more fuel in 
>for a given boost.  I suspect reprogramming ECUs to do this (as distinct
>from simply ZAPping tables to allow more boost) is an esoteric skill.  
>I don't think you can buy it.

Hey Phil.......  this is a MC motor, with CIS.  Fuel is controlled by air flow
past a metering plate...... 

>>      Since the wear is so small I am thinking about simply re-honing the
>> cylinders and using news rings.  Will that work?
>Why re-hone?  Audi's cross-hatching is an oil retention mechanism - can
>you reproduce it?

in a word yes........  it's called Honing, Just how do you think Audi got that
"oil retention mechanism" on the cylinders in the first place??


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