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Re: Bad MC

>Nope... I'm not talking about a new rap group... or about a poor host
>for an awards ceremony... I'm talking about the clutch master cylinder.
>What are the symptoms of a bad one?

Gears become difficult to engage due to clutch disk not disengaging entirely
from flywheel.

>What fluid does this take, and where is the reservoir located?

Brake fluid.  Fluid source is the brake fluid reservoir, attached to the
brake master cylinder, which is attached to the vacuum brake assist.  You
can note that there is a hose from that reservoir to a cylinder below it,
actuated by the clutch pedal.

 >About how long do they last? My QSW has 95k miles on it... is it about
time for a new one? If so, what's a good price?

Before you blame the CMC (clutch master cylinder), you should also check the
hose and the clutch SLAVE cylinder, which is attached on top of the
transmission.  In my car, this is the one that gave out after 100K miles.
It starts by making gear changes difficult, and small dripping, but BE AWARE
that one day SOON, it will let go, and hopefully you know how to drive the
car without using the clutch.  It works OK; if you need to stop, just turn
engine back on with second gear engaged, and shift gears synchronizing car
speed and engine speed.

>  I ask because I have a bit of a leak underneath the QSW, and I think it
may be the clutch MC. (Although, I checked this morning, and there wasn't
any drops underneath... hmmm... is there such a thing as an intermittent
leak?)  I recently changed the gearbox and diff fluid, and I thought that
maybe it was one of the drain/fill plugs not tight enough, but when I
dropped by the mechanic's shop, we checked and it wasn't that (at least it
didn't appear to be... we tightened everything up just to be sure...).

Comment: Brake fuid is much thinner than transmission and differential
fluid, and should be much clearer.  With a flashlight or shop light you can
see the top of the transmission - if it is oily (or rather "fluidly"), it is
the slave.

> Does this mean that my MC is shot...or on its way out?

Either the MC or the slave or the hose is.

Note: I had this job done at the VW dealer, and also replaced the hose
between MC and Slave.  Cost was some $350.

Hope this helps,