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brose motor brushes(window motors)

Being slightly insane, I completely disassembled the assembly for the
window motor.  I found exactly what I was looking for...a trashed motor.
Seems the brushes wore out and the thing committed suicide.

The motor is made by a company called Brose, I believe(it was printed in
large letters on the motor housing.)

Anyone know a source for brushes for this motor, or in general?(I figure if
worse comes to worse, I can buy generic brushes and trim them lengthwise to

$10 max for a set of brushes sure beats something like $150 from Shokan for
new(no Shokan comments please) or $240 from mechanic(ordering from VW/Audi)
for an entire new motor.   Zeesh.

After this adventure, I'm going to give the sunroof motor a look and see if
I can figure out why the thing is slowing down(it's not lube...been there,
done that...)


Brett Dikeman
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