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Re: Magnetic oiling system

No brass magnet, ha?.......
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From: James Marriott <marriott@micron.net>
To: Huw Powell <human@nh.ultranet.com>; quattro group
Date: Saturday, January 24, 1998 11:55 AM
Subject: Re: Magnetic oiling system

>Huw Powell wrote:
>> > I believe that a magnetic oil drain plug is the way to go.
>> > Simple, cheap and you can directly observe the crap
>> > very easily every time you change the oil.
>> I agree.  Anything in the filter should be trapped anyway, the plug is
>> cheap and easy and can maybe grab crud in the pan.  Didn't see any
>> filings on my last change though.  Is this good?  Hope so.
>O'course, magnets only catch _some_ ferrous materials (CI, steel, some
>SS). Aluminum, babbett (bearing mat'l), etc. float right on by. Same in
>the transaxle; only the gears' and bearings' discards will be seen. The
>synchro and blocker-ring stuff (brass, etc.) will not play the game.