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Re: brose motor brushes(window motors)

At 11:23 PM -0500 on 1/25/98, Vytautas Reipa wrote:

> Couldn't agree more about the window motor. I've done mine on 86 5kcst. Took
> apart, cleaned the contacts with sand paper, put some grease and assembled.
> Works like new, was dead before. Mine was made by Siemens, should be
> similar. I' am sure that 90% of Audi window problems could be treated this
> way.
Well, I'd have to disagree...90% of problems are window switches.  Luckily,
$20 is much better than $230ish.  I will gladly replace 5 window switches
than replace one motor(it's a hell of a lot easier to replace the switches,
too :)


Brett Dikeman
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