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vents(?) on back shelf of 5000's

Ok, there are about 4 vents(or what look like vents) right at the bottom of
the rear window...they are built in to that funny plywood(?) shelf with the
"black astroturf" that's impossible to clean :)

Are these supposed to have any function?  Looks like they might allow air
in the trunk to circulate with air in the passenger compartment.  Whatever
they are, Audi obviously had a reason for putting them there...they're not

Does anyone know what the heck they are?

Brett(thinking about how handy it would be to have a few of the 5000
designers around...

to throttle occasionally :)

PS:Funny little story about Microsoft and cars(rumored to be true):
Billy-Bo-Bob Gates: "If we and clone manufacturers made cars, your car
would cost $7 and would get 5000 miles to the gallon."
General Motors exec, a week later: "Ah, yes, but it would crash every 5 miles."

Brett Dikeman
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