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91 200 TQ Brakes (longish)

Here's the UFO/friction ring advice I've picked up
during the past few years.

UFOs main problem is that if they get too hot, the
rotors warp. Hence, endeavor to keep them cool.

There are two plastic air scoops that reside under the
left and right sides of the front bumper that direct
air towards the brakes. If you're shopping, make sure
the car has these brake scoops. The mouth of these
scoops can sometimes become pinched -- make sure they
stay wide open and that the scoops are clear. Make sure
the brakes are clear and clean (no mud/dirt buildup).

Run Carbon fiber pads -- they stay cooler. I use
CarboTech Hawk Blue pads.

According to Dan's Simoes mechanic, there's a brake
modulator/regulator that sets the front/rear brake
bias. He recommends rear brake bias, which helps the
fronts. Mine are dialed back as far as they can go.
I've not had my car on a track yet, but I hustle
through the twisties, push the brakes a bit, and so
far, they have done OK by me. Do you have to replace
ring brakes, with proper care and feeding, I think not.

Nevertheless, some Qlisters believe the UFO system is
heavy and leaves much to be desired in the unsprung
weight department. The Audi brake conversion solves the
weight problem, however its expensive and it leaves the
cars under-braked. If you are planning on track time,
and/or you want to reduce unsprung weight, and/or you
simply want better brakes, there are a couple of
non-factory upgrade kits out there. If you choose to
upgrade, consider going to 16in wheels, so you can take
advantage of the greater swept area 16in wheels will

That's my two cents.....    GregJ