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Re: I was took...

Sounds like you have a 5000 with everything that can possibly go wrong except the sterring pump & rack. My advice ( for what it's worth), dump it.

Jo Cooper wrote:

> New member here..I'm a woman and I think I was had.  I purchased an '87 Audi for $800.  The reason the guy sold it to me for $800 he said is because there were a 'few' things wrong:  the odometer, temperature gauge and window & light problems.
> Well... after two weeks the car started overheating - I barely made it to the dealer for service - I spent $1500 repairing the head gasket, water pump, replaced valves, some kind of converter (I know nothing of cars) and other schtuff.
> Here's my question, Do I keep the car?  I like it but is it worth keeping & spending more money?  My door wouldn't open so I took the door panel off to see if I could tweak it - I found a stick holding up the window - not a piece of wood, a stick from a tree.  Besides that, I also need:  the transmission fluid drained, the lights don't work - I have to use the bright lights, I don't have break lights, the air blows but not cold and not hot, three windows do not roll down, the mechanic who fixed my car said I need a new exhaust system (it didn't sound like that Before I took it in ?? Is it because I'm a woman or what?), the temp gauge doesn't work, the odometer doesn't work and there's no radio.
> Is it worth it?????