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Re: List Members in European Car Magazine!

My impression, at the photo shoot, was this: Les Bidrawn was the real Audi
quattro enthusiast, the others were drawn more to the Italian and Bavarian
machinery. They did not much like the Corrado (particularly set-up as it was)
and weren't all that enthused about the quattro (Impressed, but not enthused).
Bidrawn was the notable exception. I think that played out visibly in this

More the ole .02


Frank Amoroso wrote:

> One thing that struck me as funny (or sad) is Greg Brown's editor's column.
> Besides mentioning some crazy ride that Hannu Mikkola gave him in a 5000,
> years ago, the only mention of Audi in his entire one page column comes in
> the very last paragraph and is only one sentence long!
> This in an issue that is dedicated to the marque? So finally after going on
> and on about the CLK-GTR, FIA, 935's, M5, GT1, F1, etc., etc.. He finishes
> the column by saying something to the effect of, "Oh yeah, by the way, we
> also have a few nice Audis. Have fun." Looked like an afterthought to me.
> Frank--