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Re: 87 CGT-questions


>>>2. I have noticed that the oil needs to be topped off usually every
>I do a lot of highway driving.  I was told when I >purchased the car
>that the head gasket was leaking slightly but that it was nothing
>critical for the moment.  That was almost a >year ago and now I'm
>wondering if I'm risking a major repair if I just keep adding oil
>rather than changing the gasket.

Can you see the leakage?
Wipe clean around the valve cover, drive a while, and try to find out
where the leak is.

It might be that your engine starts to wear out. :( 


>VALVE cover gasket that I was told was leaking, not the HEAD gasket.
>I realize that there is a big difference.  So, with this in mind, the
>same questions apply.  Can I fix it myself or should I let a mechanic
>handle it?


>From my V8 instruction book:
It's normal that the engine use oil.
The oil cons. can be as high as 1.5 liter pr. 1000 Km.         

On my old 81 200 T I had an oil cons. at approx. 1 liter pr. 2500 Km,
but it was acceptable with an oil cons. up to 1 liter pr. 1000 Km.
Any larger, the engine needed an overhaul.

John Torset
Amiga 4000