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High pitch noise--1989 Audi 90 Q.

Good morning Audi fans.

I wonder some could help me out.   One afternoon last week I was getting ready to
drive home after work.   When I started the engine there was a very high pitch
noise that sounded like it was coming from the back of the engine.  I would have
sworn it was a dry distributor shaft.  As I hade replaced the distribute a couple of
months before (the Hall sender went bad), I thought may be the new distributor
went bad on me.   Anyway I replace (again) it and the noise is still there.

The noise is heard when I first start the engine  (hot or cold) it does not seem to
make a difference.  It sounds like dry bearing or something rubbing and then it
disappears after about a minute, but some times it comes back not as loud.  Guys I
know this is a long winded story but I am afraid to drive it incase some is running
dry and it may seize up on me.  Your suggestion/hints are truly appreciated.   Many

Tony .